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A good-quality and overpriced kettle
8th January, 2016
An attractive but pricey kettle
8th January, 2016
A smart kettle that offers lots for the money
8th January, 2016
A clever kettle that keeps warm for longer
8th January, 2016
A stylish kettle at a decent price
8th January, 2016
A striking-looking kettle with an oriental-inspired design that's supremely ergonomic
8th January, 2016
This hi-tech kettle offers a range of temperatures perfect for tea connoisseurs
8th January, 2015
The Oxo Adjustable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle is build to bring precision and control to your pour-over coffee.
22nd March, 2017
The cleanest cup of tea you'll ever have
4th April, 2014
One of the prettiest kettles we've tested but sounds like a jet
2nd April, 2014
This impressive barbecue cooks slowly and surely for consistent results. Not a burned burger in sight.
23rd August, 2016
This pricey jug kettle has impressive features but others do the job better
11th January, 2016
A kettle-style barbecue with some nice modern touches, including space to add a range of foodie accessories
27th August, 2016
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